The heater on a Ford Focus 2 car does not work. What should I do?

With the onset of cold weather, two systems are responsible for maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the Ford Focus 2 car:
  • cooling of the power unit;
  • ventilation and heating.

Therefore, if the stove does not work and warm air does not enter the cabin, the cause of the breakdown will have to be looked for in them.

The most common reason for the lack of heating in a Focus is a blown fuse F10 (30A), which is located in the climate control fan circuit. In the fuse box it can be found on the left side. The diagram will indicate its more precise location.

If everything is in order with the fuse, you should pay attention to the fan relay, which is also located in the fuse compartment. It is more expedient to check its serviceability using a tester, after first removing the relay from the socket. However, a more effective method of checking is using a new, serviceable relay, which is installed in the socket instead of the old one, after which the heater fan starts. If it works, then the cause of the problem has been identified. Otherwise, it is necessary to check the operation of the fan electric motor. In addition, there are a number of malfunctions that should not be overlooked.

Ford Focus 2 heater does not heat well

It also happens that the stove still works, but blows cold air, or even produces a temperature that is insufficient to warm up the interior. So, let’s try to figure it out and find the reasons why the stove does not heat well:

  • Coolant does not circulate well in the system. Perhaps its level has dropped as a result of a leak, or the “coolant” has exhausted its service life, or an air lock has formed somewhere. In any case, it is worthwhile to inspect the engine cooling system; be sure to check and add antifreeze to the required level or replace it altogether if quality indicators deteriorate;
  • The thermostat or temperature sensor is faulty. There is no way to do without replacing these parts;
  • improper air circulation due to violation of the correct position of the thermostat valves. This leads to the fact that the cooling liquid circulates only in a large circle, as a result of which cold air does not enter the heater radiator;
  • Too much debris and dirt has accumulated in the heating system, which interferes with its normal functioning.

As you can see, the reasons for the lack of heat in the Focus’s interior are largely interrelated. By the way, the restyling of the model has the same problems.

problem with the stove

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problem with the stove

Hello everyone, dear forum users! As I already noted, Fords have a lot of problems, and many of the problems are related to heating or cooling the interior. I bought my 2005 Ford Focus with a lot of small problems that I'm solving as they come to light.

Now in winter, the stove has become a mystery to me! It heats up very poorly...while driving. But if you stop and stand for about five minutes, it becomes very warm in the cabin, all the windows freeze - grace! But as soon as you go again, the temperature drops and becomes cool again and, as a result, the windows are again covered with a thin layer of ice. What to do, experts?

There can be many reasons and everything needs to be checked: Does the stove work in all switch positions? - aurally. What is the density of antifreeze (antifreeze), if beyond -40, there will be poor heat transfer! - hydrometer. What is the engine temperature that can be blown out while driving (the dial gauge on the panel has an error of +- 20 degrees)? - diagnostics through the connector. Perhaps the thermostat is stuck, as a result of which the engine does not heat up and the stove does not heat up! — feel the supply and return hoses on the radiator. Etc.

The stove works in all positions, the temperature is also adjustable. I don't know what kind of antifreeze. I haven't changed it since I bought it. But even if the “antifreeze density” (how do you understand density? meaning at what temperature does it freeze?) is low, then why does the stove start to heat up when I’m standing still and the engine is idling? The engine heats up normally, although as I read, people say that it should warm up in a few minutes (in winter?!), but it takes me more than one or two minutes. It is worth sitting for about 5 minutes before the temperature reaches the operating range. After driving literally two km, the temperature is already what we need. The pointer freezes exactly in the middle of the operating range. In general, I don’t quite understand how the oven works. The heat comes from the pipe coming out of the engine, it passes through the radiator, from which a fan drives air into the cabin. So? and somewhere there is a damper that regulates the air source (from the atmosphere or from the radiator, which is hot due to the antifreeze coming out of the engine). If so, then apparently this very damper is closed for me, because, to be honest, I have even a little more antifreeze than I need. This explains the fact that when stopping, the cabin becomes warm because less air enters the system from the street.

The Ford Focus 2 heater fan does not work. How to remove it?

Quite often this element of the car heating system fails. Sometimes you have to listen to how terribly its bearing whistles. Nerves simply give out and the responsible car owner begins to look for ways to remove this problematic part?

It happens that when the first, second or third position of the switch is turned on, the fan does not work, starting to start only in the fourth mode. This failure is caused by the failure of additional resistors.

We begin to remove the stove fan.

You can get to it only after removing the glove compartment. After that, you need to remove the right air duct, remove the power supply wires from the electric motor terminals and, unscrewing the fastening screws, remove the fan.

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Air barely blows from the Focus 2 stove

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Air barely blows from the Focus 2 stove

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Hi all. I have a problem with the stove. In the fall it began to blow badly. The air is hot and can be adjusted, but the power of the flowing air is very small.

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