How to install an acoustic shelf on a UAZ Bukhanka
How to install an acoustic shelf To achieve good sound in a car is quite difficult, but everything
We independently change the thresholds on a VAZ 2107
It all started with the fact that I had an urge to fill the thresholds with workings so that they would not rot
Pump of classic VAZ models
Replacing, checking and repairing the oil pump in classics: VAZ 2106, 2107 and other Zhiguli models
Replacing the fungus (oil pump drive gear) of a VAZ “Classic” with your own hands is a very simple procedure. Some masters
Maintenance of the VAZ / Bogdan / 2110 / 2111 / 2112 car
The VAZ 2110 can already easily claim to be a classic VAZ car, given its age
Jets for carburetors of VAZ 2101 cars
Adjustment and design of the carburetor on the VAZ 2101
Signs of the need to adjust the carburetor The design of the carburetor on the VAZ-2101 car is quite simple. It may be insignificant
How to connect rear speakers on a Kalina hatchback
Installation options It is advisable to take care of creating an additional noise-insulating barrier before the described work. Like this
How to unscrew the crankshaft pulley yourself
As a rule, unscrewing the crankshaft pulley bolt is quite difficult. This is due to the fact that
How to remove the VAZ 2107 crankshaft pulley (injector) yourself: instructions with photos
07/17/2021 25,866 VAZ 2107 Author: Ivan Baranov Many VAZ 2107 owners want to save on
The VAZ-2110 injector engine does not heat up: reasons, what to do?
Signals for the driver Systematically monitor or control the temperature of the fluid in the cooling system
Where is the antenna wire for the Lada Granta?
Category: The most useful tips for operating a car Vehicle characteristics: The dimensions of the car are as follows, length -
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