How to install engine heating on a grant 16 valves

In January, frightened by warnings about the coming “Epiphany frosts below -38”, I decided to install a pre-heater... there is a huge choice on the car market: 1.5 kW, 2 kW and 3 kW. I decided to install the most powerful one so that there was a power reserve)))) although 1.5 kW would actually be enough)))) Pre-heater 220V. with a forced circulation pump. auto. turns off when the coolant heats up to 75-80 degrees. Below, I have attached photographs with a detailed description of the installation process, maybe someone will like this connection diagram and save time. 1. I found the installation location for the pre-heater on the driver's side on the side member. By the way, there was a cage nut welded in there from the factory; for clarity, I screwed a new M8 bolt into it - so that you could understand where it is and what it looks like. The bolt installed is not long - about 1.5 cm

Here is a photo of the already connected supply from the heater to the engine block. the supply hose is connected between the ignition coil and the engine block.

-shaped adapter screwed into the block.”>

The intake of cold antifreeze into the pre-heater was taken from the “low pressure” line, that is, from the hose going to the expansion tank. The tee that comes with the heater is plastic and I didn’t like it, so I installed a “gas” aluminum one. I've attached a photo of the inset.)

4. After installing the heater, it is necessary to add antifreeze and be sure to ventilate the heater at the top point! otherwise the heating element of the heater will fail. Well, that's the whole installation. any man can do it. There is nothing complicated at all.

Operating review: I turn it on in the morning at 7-00 and at 7-10 the engine temperature is 65 degrees. If you grab the block with your hand, your hand won’t tolerate it.))))) I’m very pleased with it. but just for the sake of pampering, so to speak, I turn it on for 30 minutes. When starting up, you can see that the oil apparently also warms up depending on the temperature of the oil intake. The pressure light goes out instantly... There is one minus from the first start of a hot engine. This is because the antifreeze is hot, and the engine control unit now does not maintain warm-up speed. and they are very small - 850 rpm. It is difficult for the engine to turn a cold gearbox at such speeds. That’s why I keep the revs at high speed for exactly 4-60 seconds after starting - about 1500 rpm. during this time the car switches to gas and it turns out that every morning my car runs on gasoline for only one minute)))) this is good!))) and then it runs on gas with the heater on and warms up the interior to make it comfortable to go to work) ))) I don’t want to say with this post that this is exactly how you need to connect, I just posted my connection method on the Internet, but everyone can connect as they like - it’s a free country!)))))

Hi all. As everyone understands, we will talk about installing an electric antifreeze heater Severs+. This is the one with the motor

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